Sniper Course

The Keystone Sniper Shoots are held on the fourth Sunday of each month year round.  Weather is not an issue.  Start time for the first group is 9am. The cost of each shoot is $8.00.

The Keystone Sniper Range is a walking course with steel plate targets set at ranges varying from 30 to 300 yards.  Each shot offers a different challenge of range, angle, or shooting position.  Course set up is usually 11 to 13 targets with a maximum of two shots per target.  Scoring is expressed as hit percentage per shot.  1 shot 1 kill for all targets is a perfect score of 1 (one).  All other scores are shown as less than one.  Hits divided by shots.  Any center fire rifle can be fit into one of the 8 different classes.  "Bring what you got".



Keystone Sniper Classes:
Military Iron Sight Big Bore - MIBB
Military Optical Sight Big Bore - MOBB
Military Iron Sight Small Bore - MISB
Military Optical Sight Small Bore - MOSB
Sporter Iron Sight Big Bore - SIBB
Sporter Optical Sight Big Bore - SOBB
Sporter Iron Sight Small Bore - SISB
Sporter Optical Sight Small Bore - SOSB

For more information on Sniper Shoots please contact Dennis Chapin by phone @ 570-204-0437 (email or Mike Freeman @ 570-339-4620

Range Rules

Rifle & Pistol Range Rules





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